Sugar and Spice

Striped shirt dress, Jason Wu for Target. Pointed toe leather boots, Kelsi Dagger (similar- and on sale!)
Crystal necklace, DIY. Dillen 2 satchel, Dooney & Bourke.

     When first styling this dress, I steered towards cute overload: I had a bow in my hair and Betsey Johnson jewelry on. The longer I contemplated this, the more uncomfortable I felt. I've never been one to be over the top when it comes to girly styling. I know that as a blogger it is probably easier to try and style yourself in a particular "niche" with daily outfits, but I never want to dress the same way every day. Sometimes it is fun to dress up in a tulle skirt and lace and be unapologetically girly, but I'd definitely get bored doing that every day. 
      After a few accessory swap outs, I was much happier with my outfit. It's a subtle nod towards the less girly side of my style, but definitely maintains the classic feel that I prefer. Like the roses whose petals I utilized in this shoot (don't worry, they had already fallen), I like having my thorns. Even when I dress in ice cream pastels and look like the sweetest girl around, my sass is something I'll always cherish. 


Amelia said...

pretty, i like your choice of black accessories. it makes the pastels less saccharine while still remaining sweet

Rory said...

You are an excellent writer :) Sass is certainly something to hang on to! I love this look--the boots add edge and the crystal necklace is GORGEOUS. :)
Handpainted crystal friendship bracelet giveaway!!!

Leanna Kay said...

I like your shoes and your dress is really pretty too :)
It's fun to be over the top girly every once and while, but things are much more interesting if you switch 'em up a bit. Haha :)

Kata said...

Beautiful outfit!!

Jelena Dimić said...

Wonderful outfit and photos! *.* I love how you added joy to them by throwing those petals, so beautiful. *.*
I'm following you now. :D If you want, you can find me on: http://the-wandering-heart.blogspot.com
Have a nice day! Kisses from Serbia! :*

Kat said...

Ahhh, Jason Wu. I missed both the launch of his collection and of the Missoni collection at Target, so I've been reduced to bidding on ebay.

The Tall Blonde Artist

Oluwaseun S. said...

Cute dress; I like the stripes! :)

Elanor said...

i really enjoy the simple styling of this outfit! and every time i scroll back up to look at these photos, i fall more and more in love with this dress. ahhhh it's gorgeous, and so are you!

loving your blog more and more, lady!

Jennifer said...

Such a cute dress!

xo Jennifer


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