Black and Blue Friday

     When my photography teacher gave us the assignment of "Disquieting Images" for our Halloween critique, the first thought that sprang to mind was using my friend Emma's (the one with the "bloody nose"; the other model is my roommate, Ari) makeup skills and creating a series of portraits. Because she works at a haunted house, she has loads of experience painting on wounds, bruises, and dark circles. Despite the serious nature of the photo shoot, we had a lot of fun (and I even rewarded them with a series of jumping/ stop motion pictures). Although the assignment was for a film based class, I have been trying to capture everything digitally as well.
     Here is one of my black and white prints that I have done this year. I have built up quite a portfolio of darkroom images and whenever I think that I couldn't possibly take another year of traditional photography, I fall in love with black and white all over again. I have begun the process of scanning all of my pictures from this semester onto my computer, so expect a post soon!

P.S. I hope everyone scores some great deals today, just don't come out of any fights looking like my friends ;).

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