Alice in Wonderland Sneak Peak

Styling, set design, and photography by yours truly. Make up by me and my friend Emma. 

     I am so excited to be building up a reputation on campus for having fun with photo shoots. My friends are so wonderful to help me out with my insane ideas, but they are usually thrilled to be asked to model. I am so happy with the way that everything has been going creatively in the past few weeks, but I have to admit that the physical and financial strain is a little bit exhausting. I definitely want to make it a tradition to pose with all of my models/crew because I'll definitely treasure these pictures when it comes to college memories.
Emma and Matt might not have been in costume, but they helped me out SO much setting things up, doing make up, hauling these ladies around to the locations...my gratitude is endless for all these lovely people!

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WearAbouts said...

Love the makeup! It's fun to gain a reputation like that. I'm known as the "fashion" girl at school, and I love it. Having the repution you WANT is so fun!!! :)
p.s. That Matt sure is a looker ;)
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