Knoxville Fashion Week- Emerging Designer Showcase

All photographs by me. Designs featured include  Jetta BooneAlaina Smith, Ajnel, Kelle Jolly, and Xeraffe

     Last Wednesday marked the beginning of a four day event that I'd never thought I would see: Knoxville Fashion Week. Although I wasn't eligible to attend the launch party (alcohol and a VIP pass were involved), I did go to the emerging designer showcase on Thursday night. The four design labels mentioned above put on an excellent show at a local venue, Latitude 35. I thought that throughout the shows, even across various designers, the best things that I saw were all in the details. I loved the little things: a ruffle on a sleeve, a bow on the back of a dress, a nice pleated peplum, and all of the fabulous things going on above the models' shoulders in the last three shots. 
      I thought that overall, the collections presented were very youthful and a good experimental show for the emerging designers that participated. The location was pretty intimate and the show actually sold out, so pictures (and specific information about each collection) were difficult to obtain. I thought it was a great entry into the high fashion market for somewhere that stays below the radar of the fashion conscious. 
     Stay tuned for pictures of the Knoxville Fashion Week Finale in tomorrow's post!


Zuley Blue said...

I LOVE their hair.

kelewele said...

I loved the hair too Zuley. There was one more deigner, Jetta Boone. www.jettaboone.com
The first couple of designs are Jetta's. She has a booth at the Turkey Creek FLEA Market. K

Jade said...

Great photo's and I bet you had a great time! I love the 3rd last pic - the tall, dark collar with the ivory shirt looks amazing xx

Elyse said...

Great photos! So inspiring!


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