Cabin Classy

Cardigan, American Eagle. Blouse, French Connection. Skirt, belt, and shoes- vintage. Tights, Target. Headband, J. Crew.

     Monday's outfit was one of those that just clicked. In my trip that I talked about in yesterday's post, I found these PERFECT shoes. I have worn them every day this week and my feet have blissfully not suffered any consequences. It was particularly fortuitous for me to stumble upon shoes somewhat similar to the ones in the Lauren Moffat presentation at such a low price! My mind started racing with ways to wear them, a lot of ways highly inspired by the collection. Luckily, Goodwill seems to be the holy grail of wool plaid skirts, another nod to schoolgirl style. Overall, I just felt like this outfit represents my style very well and where I want to head with future outfits.
The toes of the suede shoes are slightly ombre with age, but I think this adds to their character.
My outfit pictures were taken at my new favorite spot on campus. I feel like it's my school's best kept secret.

     Usually I tend to simplify the concepts behind my outfits into "oooo, pretty", but the plaid skirt just brought up too many things not to have them properly mentioned. For one, I was drawn to this particular color combination because it is exactly like a blanket at my grandparent's lake house. Not only does that fill me with a certain sense of coziness, but I felt like the woodsy/cabin backdrop was appropriate. I'm fascinated with how outfits can embody and capture a certain feeling in such a universally expressive way.


mochaccinoland said...

another lovely outfit from u. love the plaid skirt! i'm quite into plaid lately myself.



You look so adorable! I love the ruffled blouse with the plaid skirt.


Justyna said...

oh my goodness, thank you SO MUCH for your comment on my blog, I'm looking forward to exploring yours! Means a lot to me! ;)


Leila said...

Beautiful pictures! :) I really love your blouse.

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