Chase the Golden Hours with Flying Feet

Dress, American Eagle. Cardigan, Old Navy. Tights and Coat, Target. Shoes, Bear Traps (thrifted). Sunglasses, Ray Ban. Necklace, Fossil (Christmas gift).

      Yesterday afternoon was one of the rare instances that I actually needed sunglasses just to drive to my location for these pictures. This winter, although warmer than usual on the sunny days, has been one of the dreariest in my memory. Rain boots are such a stereotypical "college girl" thing, but I have found that I've had to try to incorporate them into my outfits just to keep dry sometimes. Nevertheless, I took the opportunity of a sunny day to "chase the golden hours with flying feet" (a quote that is a favorite of mine, and coincidentally about dancing) and capture my ballet inspired outfit. Although the dress is not from anywhere glamorous, I always feel my best with the layers of sumptuous tulle rushing around me all day...to put it simply, this is a dress I have come to cherish, just like the last few minutes of sunlight on a nice day.


Zuleika said...

Love that you can pull off the white tights wonderfully with this dress. Does it matter if it's not from a 'glamorous' place? Anything that makes you look and/or FEEL wonderful is always glamorous ^_^

Kathryn said...

Your dress is so beautiful, American Eagle seems to have some nice pieces these days! Also, I want your shoes. The end. :)

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