Life from Death

Denim shirt, New York and Company. Camel cashmere cardigan, gift from my mother. Floral tapestry skirt, vintage from Goodwill. Leather bow belt, Gap. Leather Timex watch, Target. Magenta platforms, Steve Madden.

     Maybe it's my tendency to favor old over new in almost every aspect of my life, but I find this tree so much more fascinating now that it's dead. The color of the leaves as the sun shone through was so delectably warm that I took a risk in taking my outfit pictures in a far more open space than usual. Although I'm pretty open about having a fashion blog to the people on campus, I'm always a little vulnerable to the idea of others passing by while I'm attempting poses.  

     What is it about the elements of death and decay that fascinate me so much? Like clothes from a bygone era, I'm drawn to wilted flowers and rotting architecture by some force I can't explain. Nostalgia can be a dangerous trap unless some new life is sprung from the obsession with the old. 


mochaccinoland said...

love your shoes & skirt! lovely outfit against a beautiful background. i have a thing for wilting colourful leaves... ^^


julia wang said...

i looove the combo + the shoes!

Aliya said...

Wow wow wow!! What amazing pictures! You are beautiful and so is your skirt. I'd kill for those heels!

x Aliya

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