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Kiel James Patrick
     ....if I were a guy.
     I suppose everyone has a "type". Speaking from a purely feminine perspective here (I claim no expertise on the way that males view females), there's some categories that we can sort males into simply by their state of dress. This isn't to say that we view men as objects and as far as inter-gender relationships go, that is a can of worms I'm not quite ready to open. But I can say one thing, as far as wardrobe goes, my type for men is preppy. I don't mean a "bro" or a "frat boy" who orders his boxers from Vineyard Vines because he knows that a girl might recognize them. I mean the nostalgic type of prep who would rather sit in the Harvard library than pre game.
     I definitely already take some cues from menswear in my wardrobe, but I find myself to be more of the sweet, ladylike type than a tomboy. However, I often yearn to don a pair of oxfords and a blazer more than anything else, perhaps while toting clothbound classics bound together by a leather belt.


- KG said...

Earlier today I was with a friend that has been with her 'Boo' for quite some time now.. and it got me thinking.. "what is MY type of guy".. I have no clue. But I do see myself with someone similar to yours described above.
I too, love looking at mens' wardrobe for some fashion/style steals ;P

- xoxo

Jae said...

Reminds me a bit of the "Vampire Weekend" school of fashion, especially in that first image. I wish I could pull off the "prep school" look, but I'm too short and stocky... It'd look awful on me.



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