New Year, New Ways

     This time of year is the perfect time to try new things! Whether it is as simple as lacing ribbon through your old converse instead of the beat up laces or rock climbing (see picture below), there's no time like New Year's to just jump in.
Probably my best angle ;).
     I think the thrill of trying new things doesn't have to be limited to amassing new (even just new to me) items in my wardrobe or seeking out thrilling adventures. I have found a lot of delight in these few weeks that I've spent at home reinventing some things I might have otherwise left here for good. For instance, my love of glitter inspired me to try and incorporate some old Chucks into my outfits again. And my outfit pictures for today showcase turning a winter scarf into a wrap. I definitely see way more possibility in the clothes that I already have after only being able to bring about ten pieces home for the holidays!

Scarf, F21. Striped tee, UK Style by French Connection (Sears). Jeans, Delia's. Belt, unknown. Vintage oxfords, thrifted. Watch, Timex.

     Hopefully, with this new attitude regarding the current state of affairs in my closet, I won't be such a shopaholic in the new year!


Heather said...

Love that scarf and oxfords! :)

Alice said...

I LOVE this outfit!!
PS. Your pictures are really nice!

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