A Review in Paper

     Lately, everything that seems to be happening to me seems to involve paper. As an ardent opponent of things like the Kindle (I understand why they are convenient, I'm just a little too into my paper goods to cave), I thoroughly enjoy going anywhere that provides me with a pamphlet, business card, receipt, ticket, or any kind of other paper knickknack. While that may not be the best for the environment, I definitely try to either use or recycle any bits of paper that I accumulate.
     All of the pictures in today's post represent what I've been up to for the past few weeks. Although I am only taking one class during the month of January (we have what is called J-term), the class is extremely time consuming and homework intensive. You can bet that it has taken a lot of paper! But interwoven with near anxiety attacks over thirty pages of reading assignments every night, I have had some of the best days of college yet during the month of January.
    Donut eating, book buying, inspiration compiling, and doodling through presentations? I'll take that year round!

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