I'm Thankful For...iPhone Edition

     One of the things I probably take most for granted is my iPhone. To show my little 3G some love, I thought I would post some of the pictures of things that I appreciate that I've taken since college. After all, these are the things that I feel the need to capture forever, no matter the quality of the photograph (which, according to Annie Lebovitz, ain't too bad).
     Donuts. Seriously. They might be one of the absolute worst foods that you can consume. But I love them and I'm standing by it. A dozen original glazed is always on my list of things to do when I'm around Krispy Kreme (sorry Dunkin fans).
     The amazing full length mirror on the back of my door. I have lost track of how many impromptu outfit shots that I've done in that thing. With my wide angle lens, I can't even get the whole outfit in one shot. But the mirror is ENDLESSLY flattering. Everyone who comes in the dorm room says so. As a side note, pictured above is the outfit I wore to my first day of classes.
     My hands. I put my hands through a pretty rough life. This was what both left and right looked like after working on a piece for my introduction to drawing class. Hands are my favorite part of the body because of their endless capacity and beauty.
     Being able to go to college to do something that I love. I seriously love my school and all of my classes. I may feel a little bit of wanderlust every now and then, but then something reminds me about all the amazing things about my college and college in general. It is truly a privilege to go to a private school, or go to college at all.
     My clothes. (Pictured above is my Halloween costume- fifties housewife. I didn't have to buy a single thing new!)Despite being able to spend hours looking for more things to add to my wardrobe, whenever I look at my carefully curated (and color coordinated) collection of clothes I am overwhelmed with appreciation. Many people who come from even more financially well off families than I don't have as many items of clothing that I do. I usually have to take a step back and see things in perspective, but I am wonderfully grateful for how many hours of work and generous hearts that my wardrobe represents.
     Energel pens. I don't think I could make it through college without them. And yes, I might have a slight addiction. No regrets.
     Going to a college with animals (and cats in general). One of my favorite parts about my college campus is the fact that there are campus pets everywhere! No, we aren't lucky enough to have them in the dorms (although our resident directors have that privilege, and an adorable dog as well). But there are plenty of opportunities for some kitty therapy! Petzel, pictured above, is definitely a wonderful solution to a bad day. Also, I just love cats.
     A boyfriend who has good taste (and obligatory statement about friends and family). Despite my isolationist tendencies at times, I have an abundance of people in my life who care about me. I have such a huge family and friends who really are always there for me. And, most importantly, my boyfriend picked out these red pants all by himself. And he was so pleased with them/himself.

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