See How They Resemble One Another?

Top, French Connection for Sears. Skirt, vintage. Clutch, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Belt, stolen from my little sister. Shoes, AE.

     In the case of this batch of pictures, I definitely feel like I saved the best for last! At least, I feel like that particular photograph captures the essence of this outfit the best. To be a lime green tennis skirt from Goodwill, the skirt is actually very practical, as long as I have some Under Armor to wear underneath! As far as the brown clutch with the black stripes and shoes go...I thought it just worked. The clutch was definitely a case of practicality over being completely anal about matching. 
     I saw the movie Horrible Bosses in this outfit a few days ago, and if you can go, I highly suggest seeing it! As soon as your done with the midnight premiere of Harry Potter, of course!

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Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

So adorable, love the red lipstick. x hivenn

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