La Vida Es Un Carnival

I am such a goofball.

    For my step dad's birthday, we decided to take a day trip to a place right along the Georgia/Tennessee border called Lake Winnepesauka (or Lake Winnie for short). Basically, for twenty one dollars, you get to enjoy an entire day of unlimited turns on carnival-like rides with no lines. It would have been a blast no matter what I wore, but I am only truly comfortable if I like what I am wearing.
Top, Delia's. Shorts, Martin + Osa via Marshall's. Belt, vintage. Shoes, Target. And by this point all make up was gone to the point of no return!
     The top is one of the rare Delia's finds that I actually purchase. Although it looks fairly ordinary from a distance, up close the stripes are a watercolor, celestial print. Add that to the cropped cut and it is the perfect summer top! I hope to transition it into fall with skirts and tights, too.
     As far as the rides go, I rode all varieties of spinning rides (always a favorite) along with a seemingly harmless airplane ride called the "Fly-o-plane" that was once used to train pilots in World War II. Why might an amusement park once be used for such a purpose? That would be because flying upside down and accomplishing full barrel rolls are both possible (and encouraged) feats.
Although I'm not in this picture with him, here is a small example of what Reid put me through the other two times I was on the ride with him.

     If all of my other praises don't encourage you to check out Lake Winnie (if you're in the Southern U.S., that is), the next picture probably will. Yes, it IS a Star Wars dance number!

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