DIY: The Easiest Floral Crown You'll Ever Make

     Lately, floral crowns and headbands have been popping up EVERYWHERE. Tumblr inspiration, other fashion bloggers (Stylish Wanderer), Chictopia,catalogs...the list goes on. While the trend may fast be on its way to being cliche (like rhyming?), for the last blissful months of summer, why not make one for yourself? I made mine using materials I had readily available: most crafty types probably have some if not all of these things on hand.
Materials Needed:
-Pliable craft wire (gauge is personal preference)
-Wire cutters, scissors
-Fake flowers, removed from bouquet (I got mine at the Dollar Tree)
-Ribbon (satin is pictured, I don't think it matters)
-Clear Tacky glue (optional)
-Bits and bobs for extra decoration(optional)

1.  First and foremost, wrap the wire around your head where you plan on wearing the crown. Allow for some slack because the closure method you'll be using requires some extra wire. I had a picture of this, but I think you can probably figure out how to wrap something around your head without visual assistance.
2.  Once you have the wire cut to size, find flowers that do not have stamens and the like in the middle. These are often attached to the stems of the bouquets by small pieces of plastic and therefore have holes in the bottom. Flowers like these MUST be used in this version of a floral crown. All you do now is slide the flowers onto the wire (pictured above).
3. Once you have filled up the crown to the desired appearance (pictured above) you can move on to the closure method.
4. Because I knew that I would be covering the back with ribbon, I simply made loops with the extra wire that I had left myself when cutting it to size. This was down by folding the wire on both ends and making sure one end was inserted in the loop of the other.
Please note that steps 5 and 6are unnecessary if your crown is fully filled (that is, it goes around your entire head with flowers).
5. Do a simple knot in order to start wrapping the ribbon around the uncovered parts of the wire.  I had to put a dab of glue on this knot so that it wouldn't keep spinning around the wire when I began to wrap the ribbon around. I wrapped the ribbon fairly loosely around the whole thing, but pulled it taut enough so it didn't wrinkle too much.
6. Keep wrapping the ribbon until you reach the end of your flowers. Do another simple knot, and dab with glue if necessary. With the leftover ribbon, tie a knot around where your closure is in order to ensure comfort. Plus, ribbon down the back of your hair will look so pretty (albeit a little bridal)!
7.  Tie on any extra embellishments (I used a few pieces of lace and twine). Enjoy your trendy near head wear!

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