Opportunity Comes Knocking

     Sometimes being literal can be more powerful than riddling your audience with hidden meanings. When I was assigned the task of shooting the theme "Doors" for a photography competition, I decided to literally do a study on the fascinating architecture of various types of doors. Although I was inclined to focus on older types of doors (I'm inclined to focus on older things in general, actually), I really like how the set turned out. These six are my favorite out of the fifteen that I had to put together. After the struggle with the theme, I am really excited for how they turned out and plan on including some of them in my real portfolio.
     What are your favorite subjects to photograph?


Fashionography. said...

That sounds like a really interesting theme, and I love how you literally interpreted it.

Louisa said...

these photos are so good, well done!! i really like them, the first 3 i particularly like xxx


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