The Little Things: 001

     The past weekend was full of sunshine and glorious weather, especially for late January. However, typically winter stretches my limits of optimism. I always find joy in the minute details of my life. For instance, hearing an old favorite song on a mix CD that a friend gave me, then seeing a family of deer, while driving across town made my day even more wonderful. But when things aren't going right, I want to be able to focus on all the things I love the most.
     Thus, my new feature was born. Every so often, I'll be posting pictures of the little things that are putting a smile on my face. 
The Little Things: 001
  • Painting outside: The weather was so glorious last Sunday that I could not just sit inside to paint. I had to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the day. I was so excited that even dragging the furniture and supplies outside was fun.
  • Panera Valentine Petite cookies: A spin on their original shortbread cookie, this cute little bag contains the secret to sheer delight. While it probably isn't the best treat for those on a diet, they also sell heart-shaped cookies in single servings. I look at that bright pink frosting and immediately feel happier.
  • Rusty things: I always try to stop and take pictures of things that are old and worn. This bus was no exception.
  • Birds: While I don't think that owning one as a pet is the road I'm on, I am enamored with birds and all their related subjects (birdhouses, cages, etc.).
What are some little things that you are delighting in this week?


Fashionography. said...

Gorgeous pictures! Have you read Looking for Alaska? I just did, and really enjoyed it.

Her name is Sophie said...

Birds <3

kayla marie said...

love the pic.'s
new post up,
thanx for the blog love!

yiqin; said...

Gorgeous photos :)

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