Razz My Berries

I do not take credit for any of the above images.

I'm convinced: the 1950s were home to the most fantastic proms. There is just something so romantic about the idea of the handsome boys planning out ways to ask the young ladies. As the proud owner of a handmade, tulle prom dress from the 1950s, I aim to make my senior prom one of decorum. My date, and hey: maybe even me, might just end up in saddle shoes.


soph (owl vs. dove) said...

Agreed! This is al wonderful inspiration.

sara said...

i love that third photo! i want to wear dresses like that and sit by the beach with my best friend.

that's so funny that rocky is kiwi's twin! i see so many dogs around that remind me of her. strangely enough, my sister's fiance adopted kiwi's sister when they were born (10 years ago, almost!) and named her sara! and this was long before my sister and her fiance started dating. such a small world. definitely post a photo of rocky sometime!

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