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     August is full of beautiful new beginnings. I start a new decade, a new year of school, and H&M finally launched their e-commerce site in the US. I must preface this by saying that my fascination with H&M comes not so much from their overwhelmingly inexpensive clothing, but rather because up until this summer, Tennessee didn't even have a store. There's now one open in the bargain mega-mall Opry Mills, but I don't even have to go as far as Nashville anymore. Starting today, I can shop the fast-fashion giant from my own computer. That's not to say I'll abuse the privilege; however, I do have my eye on the above items in particular. I also enjoyed doing some quick styling with Polyvore as you can see below. Will you be taking advantage of the advent of H&M online shopping in the US or will you still prefer to shop the store in person?


Pretty menswear


Alyson said...

Long time reader! I have been waiting for years for H&M to offer US online shopping. Between the city I'm from and the one I live in now, the closest H&M has been 3-4 hours away, which is such a bummer considering they have great basics and a newly-implemented recycling program. But I know I'll still do most of my shopping in stores since the fit and quality varies with each piece of clothing. Thanks for sharing the news!


Tori said...

Loving all of those pieces that you picked! However, that biker jacket is probably my fave. I'm so glad that H&M finally made it possible to shop their website in the US :D
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The Susielusie said...

I love the loose pants. So cute!

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