The New Horizon

Faded denim jacket, Crew Cuts. Buffalo plaid dress, Forever 21. The Essex messenger in bittersweet, Madewell (sold out, but check out their other bags!). Plenty by Tracy Reese strappy flats (similar here). 

     The town slogan for Rockwall is "The New Horizon". That's only too appropriate considering that my parents decided to move there to start their lives anew. Of course, the decision wasn't as simple as just dropping everything and leaving. However, everyone is happier than I've seen them in a long time and although I'm still happy to call Tennessee my home, I loved staying in the Lone Star state as well.
     I'm back in Maryville after ten days of visiting, sightseeing, shopping, and relaxing. I have so many things that I'm excited for here in humble East Tennessee. That being said, while I'm a bit sad about leaving that part of my family, I am happy to be able to start being productive again. 
      Another thing to be happy about, as I'm sure many of you can relate with, is being back with my entire wardrobe as opposed to just a part of it. I made sure to bring a lot of coordinating items with me on my trip and even added several new pieces during my stay, but there's really nothing like traveling to make me appreciate just how many outfit opportunities the clothes I already own offer. 
     I'm happy to stop adding to my wardrobe for the time being. Often, the most sustainable and ethical way to shop is to stop doing it so often. Very rarely does an impulse buy or something that I bought because it was deeply discounted lead to a wardrobe staple. It's the things that I've owned the longest that still mean the most to me. I love sprucing up my wardrobe with a few things each season (and yes, I couldn't resist the $13 price tag on the plaid dress in these pictures), but usually, I find myself reaching for the same things time after time and still being happy with them. 
     I guess you could say that traveling to The New Horizon offered me a renewed outlook.


Halie said...

Super cute striped dress.

Sianna Marinova said...

Lovely outfit! I absolutely love the bag!

moonstyle said...


Mili said...

The dress is adorable, the $13 price tag makes it all the more appealing. It works so well with the flats :)

Mili from call me, Maeby

Michelle said...

Beautiful outfit! I understand the call of the $13 dress :) I'm too trying to cut down those "impulses", I'm incredibly happy with my wardrobe but its so hard to turn down a bargain!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for being a conscious consumer. That's very refreshing to see. I've managed to not buy myself anything new for over a year (just vintage & second hand for me) and I don't think I was a frivolous shopper to begin with. I lived in TN for a long time. Such a beautiful state!

Amy McLarty said...

I love that dress.

Love, Amy

Ester DurĂ£es said...

wow I love that gingham dress, it suits you so well! :)
Ester from Drawing Dreaming

Vicki said...

Lovely dress! Gingham is such a fun print.(:

Decked Out in RUffles

Anonymous said...

You look too cute for words! Totally in love with this outfit!

Xo, Hannah


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I'd say you made the right choice with the dress. ;)

Also, you forgot to mention how ungodly hot and humid Texas is. Tennessee definitely has that going for it too!

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