Penny for Your Thoughts

Printed men's button-down, J. Crew Factory (sold out online, but 50% off everything sale going on now!). Destroyed skinny jeans, American Eagle. Red square framed glasses, c/o Firmoo. Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. Burgundy Wayfarer loafers, G.H. Bass

     Rebellion doesn't suit me. If my shorts are too short, I feel uncomfortable. A bad attitude scrunches up my face into something unrecognizable. Smoking a cigarette seems as foreign to me as a sudden interest in unicycling. To be honest, I even have a hard time entering a building through a door marked "exit".
     But that doesn't stop me from idolizing the rebels of old or questioning the status quo in my own way. Wearing penny loafers instantly reminds me of James Dean, a personal style icon of mine. I love that such a classic piece of footwear can be turned subversive just as easily as it can be worn with a school girl skirt. That being said, though, even the girls who wore their scrunched up white socks and loafers with their full skirts have a certain aplomb about them. 
     To seem like such a staple in the iconic American style, Weejuns actually were inspired by a shoe in Norway. Only then did the G.H. Bass shoe company introduce the style in the 1936. Perhaps I find the shoe so remarkable because it coincides with a very inspiring era in fashion, but regardless, the classic loafer has stood the test of time.
     So with both the classic and the disorderly in mind, I came up with this combination. I never again thought I'd be yearning for a pair of destroyed jeans after about seventh grade. Practicality and perhaps good taste aside, this pair from American Eagle was the perfect solution. The rebel within me enjoys traipsing about in hole-covered jeans...but that doesn't stop me from wanting to cover up the holes on my upper thigh. 


Jenna Condon said...

Cute outfit. I am following via bloglovin' and GFC :)

Naomi Peffer said...

I love the loafers! Work that rebellion girl!

Patterned Love

Rachel Sullivan said...

Girl, you are like the classiest thing.


Charmaine said...

I like that penny loafers remind you of 60s rebels. To me loafers feel very English and very collegiate - like what students at Oxford or Cambridge would have been wearing back then. I have a pair G.H Bass by Rachel Antonoff, and I love them to death.

stacysaddleshoes said...

love your look so classic and stylish.
the peeny loafers are adorable and you were fashion wise enough to know to wear white socks with them.they are a must with penny loafers

Jessica said...

Such a cute outfit! Loving your top and bag. Will follow via Bloglovin


Anonymous said...

I love loafers too, and James Dean is a huge style icon of mine! Love how you put this outfit together. Also lusting over your Dooney bag!

Xo, Hannah


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