And I Will Go to Texas

     If you've been following my Instagram or Twitter (both @trippplethread), you might have noticed a certain theme in my last few posts. I am in fact writing this blog post from Texas, but I didn't just decide to drive halfway across the country for the sake of a road trip. My mom, stepdad, and little sister all moved from where I grew up to one of the cutest towns I've ever seen: Rockwall, Texas. It'll be rough to adjust to having them so far away because I'm remaining in school at Maryville; however, the rest of my extended family as well as my dad's family are all still nearby. I've been having a blast exploring over here and no, I'm still not over how flat it is in comparison to East Tennessee. But my parents and my style fit right in here and I can't wait to call this place my western home. 


Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Welcome to Texas!! The state has so much to explore, I can't wait to see what kind of scenery you unearth here :)

- Kelsey @ Applewood Road

Charmaine said...

Cool! My cousin went to dental school in Corpus Christi, there and Houston are the only two places in Texas I've ever been (and when I was 16). I'd LOVE to visit Austin, for all the cliched reasons like great thrifting, restaurants and their infamous music scene.

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

Thats so awesome! I've never been to Texas but Ive always wanted to go! My parents are thinking about moving there in 5 years or so

Anonymous said...

I would love to visit Texas one of these days! I've actually never been anywhere in the South, and a big dream of mine is to take a long road trip around Texas, Tennessee, Alabama... you name it! The barbecue and music festivals are amazing!

Xo, Hannah


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