Sweet Ride

On me: Striped crop top, American Apparel. High waisted trousers, Ruche. Cut out ankle boots, Deena & Ozzy. On Patrick: Printed chambray shirt, TJMaxx. Red denim shorts, Levi's. 

      I had seen the wall above this car several times. It's an old spark plugs advertisement on the side of a vacant building, but I saw it as the perfect backdrop for outfit pictures. Little did I know that the light hardly reached that side of the building during my favorite time of day to shoot, as the sun is just about to start its nightly descent. The golden light was reaching its grasp towards almost every other location around us. I was getting fed up with trying to stand on a steep hill in my high heels, attempting to salvage what I thought was a good location. Then I spotted the car.
     She was aglow with the pretty light streaming from the golden hour sun. I braved the hill beside the old building thinking only of capturing the car in all of its dusty, rusty glory. However, I realized it would also make a pretty great location for portraiture as well. Admittedly, Patrick and I aren't wearing anything that matches the car spectacularly well. When I go back to visit her, I'll be sure to wear something that does the location justice (perhaps something a bit more badass?). 
    In the end, this is my favorite part about blogging. In my never-ending search for picture locations, I've had some great adventures and have found beautiful places along the way. The pictures don't need people in them to be beautiful; as such, I almost feel bad relegating such beautiful landscapes and locations to be mere backdrops in my photography. But, let's be honest, the car steals the show here, making me even more grateful for the scenery around me.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I love these photos! Your shoes and trousers are to die for!

Xo, Hannah

Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog

i think the boots and the black leather strap heels are bad ass for the car. you look great ashlyn! what an awesome place to stumble upon!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

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