Spring Showers

Black woven sweater, Forever 21. Oxford (underneath), BDG. Pleated skirt, train case, thrifted. Secondhand Dr. Marten boots, Planet Xchange. Red framed glasses, c/o Firmoo. Leather bow, American Apparel

    My favorite kind of weather is when I can wear literally whatever I want and be comfortable. Fall and spring usually fit the bill pretty perfectly. I can layer a collared shirt under a sweater, but still comfortably walk around in bare legs. As you can probably tell from the blooms, these pictures were taken during the first few weeks of spring rather than recently. Although, we've still had some cool nights that can't quite be called summer yet. I'm not complaining. The weather has been quite comfortable and my outfits haven't suffered a bit. 
      This is one of my favorite outfits to date. I combined a bit of schoolgirl inspiration with my boots that I've been favoring during rainy weather. I typically eschew regular ole rain boots unless I'm wading through a creek. While I could definitely see myself enjoying a pair of Hunter wellies. I've never really been one to steer towards bright colors; obviously this outfit is no exception. I find that neutrals mix together more easily, essentially doubling my wardrobe. When I do go for a color it's pretty predictable: red, blue, or olive green. 
     What are your secrets for stretching the pieces in your wardrobe?

P.S.- I guess cute guys do grow on trees!


daria said...

these are lovely pics! spring and autumn are my favorite seasons - for dressing up and for being so pretty.

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

Totally agree on the weather, I like being able to wear a layer or two whenever I please! Summer in Texas is already in full swing unfortunately.

Naomi Peffer said...

Love the bow in your hair! To cute! And I agree. Bare legs & a sweater...perfect weather!

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