A Casual Evening

Red cardigan, striped shirt, and black/tan sandals, Target. Boyfriend jeans, Gap. Vintage handkerchief used as headband. Army surplus bag. 

     There is something comforting about dressing down. Aside from the fact that a fit and flair waistline constricts my genetically large ribcage (thanks Mom), I think stripping an ensemble down to basic components can give the wearer other liberties. Getting dressed will always be a favorite form of expression for me; but getting dressed doesn't have to entail dressing up. When all of the bells and whistles have been taken away, it's nice to realize that there are people who still pay attention. It's a nice reminder that there are admirable aspects to my character aside from a style that, admittedly, I spend a significant amount of time cultivating. Sometimes, the outfits that seem to lack personality cause me to appreciate myself beyond just appearance. I just needed to throw on a striped tee shirt and a favorite pair of jeans to remember that. 


Malin Rouge said...

This looks wonderful, the headband is great :)
Just browsed through your blog and I really like your cute style :)



Bruna Borges said...

beautiful pictures *-* , i'm from Brazil, and i think your blog is very very very cute! <3 <3


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