On Film: The Trolley

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     As you can see, our last His & Hers post featured these very same outfits. While the outfits are certainly lovely in full color, I've been taking black and white film pictures of all of my adventures lately as well. I try to get a few different shots so the photography doesn't get too repetitive; but honestly, the film pictures are a different work of art all-together. 
    There's the nerves you get when developing the film- will the pictures all turn out? Then, even if everything isn't perfect, there are some beautiful accidents like the last picture in this set. The galactic looking bits that you see on the image are from where some parts of the roll of film were touching when I developed it. Obviously, when printed in the darkroom, these light streaks would still be black and white. But when I got these shots transferred to a disc at Walgreens, the magic blue and green streaks happened and I couldn't be happier. I'm sure I could recreate a similar effect in Photoshop. But having it on the film is pretty priceless.
     The black and white shots take our outfits from being simply vintage inspired to actually looking like we are in a different era. Getting the negatives put on a disc is both a protective and practical measure so that I can share the film pictures I take with you easily. However, I can't wait until I get to work with the images myself in the darkroom!

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