Best Friends in Burgundy

J Brand Zoey jeans in Lava. White tee shirt, JCPenney. Black cardigan, J. Crew (similar). Studded flats, Go Fish Clothing & Jewelry. Leather bag, H&M. Leopard belt, Target

      My favorite clothing items are a lot like my best friends. They are dependable, I never get sick of them, and they always make me feel great. These skinny jeans from J Brand are quickly moving into "best friend" territory. The regular price tag is extremely steep- I know. Although I'm all about investment pieces, I didn't pay full retail price for them. Rather, I swooped in and bought a pair at a local boutique blowout sale for a cool $35. How lucky is that?
      If I had to compare these jeans to one of my best friends, it would be Alysse. In fact, when we met up in downtown Knoxville to walk around and take pictures together, we were both wearing similar outfits. Alysse has been in my life for quite a bit longer than these skinny jeans have, but I am lucky to have both of them.
Western print cardigan, Forever 21. Polka dotted jeans and white sweater, JCPenney. Black boots, Belk. 

     I get along with Alysse better than anyone else that I know. We have a completely open and honest relationship which means that we hardly ever "fight" like a lot of friends that are girls do. As introverted as I am, I wouldn't mind spending pretty much all of my time with this lady. She's one of the sweetest people in my life, but that doesn't stop us from laughing at some pretty ridiculous things. When we are together in a group, we don't even have to speak to know what the other is thinking. Obviously, thinking alike even transfers to outfit choices. I love how each of us put our unique spin on the same basic elements. 
     It was even more fortuitous that Alysse and I stumbled across this parking lot to take pictures in. Both of us are avid readers of John Green. In fact, in high school we would usually read the books together, laughing and crying our way through them at a voracious pace. Much to our delight, the wall behind this parking lot had some very literary graffiti (and some other architectural photos for your viewing pleasure). 

      My burgundy jeans are pretty great, but I'd trade every clothing item I own just to make sure Alysse and I stay "friends forever". That old BFF schtick seems pretty juvenile, but when I think of everything that Alysse and I have helped each other for, forever doesn't seem so hard. 


Ani said...

This post is so sweet. So cool that you got those J Brand jeans at such a good price too!

Naomi Peffer said...

Love these jeans. This is your first post I've read and I'm liking it!


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