A Southern Thing

Tennessee flag tee shirt, Nothing Too Fancy. Navy blazer, thrifted from the little boys' department. Skinny jeans, Bullhead super skinny from Pac Sun (similar). Red leather flats, Gap. Blue statement necklace, Simply Vera (similar). Vintage purse, thrifted.  

     The South has impacted my life in more ways than I can count. I would rather spend my day hiking the mountains around me than walking city streets. I get a similar energy from both; however, I am constantly in awe of my natural surroundings. My musical tastes are highly impacted by my location and if a song so much as mentions Tennessee, my opinion of it instantly goes up. We definitely have our own culture down here, but we will make sure anyone can understand it (Southern women are nothing if not hospitable). 
     There's a certain proud vibe around Knoxville these days. I am constantly amazed by the amount of support our local community gives to up and comers. Sometimes it feels like Knoxville is a city that is really searching for an identity (aside from just shouting "GO VOLS!" whenever we can), but lately I'm thinking that new stores and artists are really hitting on what living here is all about. We love where we are from, we love connecting with others, and our Southern roots impact everything we do. 
     I've spent a large portion of my adolescence itching to get away. I'd love to live in a big city (hey, Nashville counts), but I don't think I'll ever feel truly at home above the Mason-Dixon line. 


Kitsune-kun said...

sounds like a really fun place to live! I really want to move somewhere more scenic and low-key than manhattan. it's a little too much for me and I get more energy from nature than from city.

fizz said...

really lovely pictures. love your patriotic look!

ToTylkoJa said...

I love how you dress! I'm following:))

Living in the South must be wonderful:)

Sarah C said...

I've been wanting to drop in Nothing too Fancy! Love the shirt.

Charmaine said...

I've actually always been fascinated by the American south for many reasons. I admire that you embrace your cultural identity!

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