Not Fade Away

Black boyfriend cardigan, J. Crew. Lace overlay dress, Urban Outfitters (old). Ombre tights, American Eagle. Blue t-strap flats, Gap outlet. Lace clutch, Jason Wu for Target. Cobalt and metal statement necklace, Bar III. Black wrap watch, La Mer Wanderlust Collection.

      My style is a constant pendulum swing between very casual, "effortless" style and much more put together outfits. I've learned that being well dressed doesn't mean being overdressed, but the part of me that just wants to wear extremely feminine dresses and accessories is definitely not gone yet. However, I've noticed that I am beginning to feel more uncomfortable when I'm "dressed up". But that's what I love about fashion: it is a trial and error process. It is an art form that you can always refine and have fun doing so. I am trying to have less of a revolving wardrobe mentality, but my style definitely goes through certain shifts. I have to say that I'm glad it has largely been captured on this blog.
     In other news, I literally just finished my final registration for spring classes. I don't talk too much about school on my blog, but where I live and what I study highly impacts the way I dress. Originally, I intended to double major in Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography and Writing/Communications. However, I am now pursuing another concentration in Design, which is a separate major at my school. Before I graduate, depending on what career path/ master's degree that I want to pursue, I get to decide what will put on my degree (design or fine art).
      I could never fully give up my pursuit of a writing degree, though, and that's why I've decided to declare a minor. I write for the school's paper and completely love it, but I didn't want the emphasis on literature that our Writing/Communications major has for several classes. The minor was the perfect solution!
      I'm seeing a trend that indicates that your specific degree is rarely an issue when it really comes down to getting hired; it's all about experience. I'm trying my hardest to get the experiences I need and I'm loving every second of it :).


Kitsune-kun said...

thanks for the tips! those are such interesting tights! good luck with everything!

Vera said...

You are so pretty!
These tights are amazing and I love the way you styled them :)

sophistifunk said...

obsessed with your tights and lipstick!

xox brie

Jordan said...

I love the shoes!

daria said...

I'm loving those tights on you! I hadn't realized they could look so cool!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

This outfit...oh my gosh, no words! <3 <3

claire said...

I love this outfit so so much! those tights are amazing! xx

Avi said...

I'm just found your blog and it is incredible. I really love it and also your photography. I'm following now on Tumblr and GFC.

btw i love your ombre tights. Did you buy it con american eagle? I will buy it definitely.


Zuley said...

Was not expecting the tights or the blue blue shoes with them!!


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