In the Blink of an Eye: Instagram Round-up

Ducks on a particularly temperate day.
My favorite record and one of the first vinyl albums I bought.
 I live in a truly magnificent place.
From a wonderful day trip to Nashville.
Making my bedroom feel like home again over winter break. 
Jammin' with my honey.
We've had some yucky days recently.
And some pretty great ones.

     Perhaps the speed that time seems to have flown by is due to being at home for three weeks because of winter break, but I'm a bit shocked at how long it has been since my last Instagram post. I love commemorating the little moments of my daily life through Instagram and cultivating them into posts allows me to relive all the good memories. 
     Even if my life is painted as picture- or novel- esque in the majority of my photographs, I just want to take this opportunity to share what's not pictured: hours on end of watching Parks and Rec in my pajamas (but hey, at least they were a matching set from J. Crew), three hour naps in the middle of the day, getting soaking wet from the rain and/or snow, how badly my fingers started peeling after picking up the banjo again, and eating spaghetti noodles with alfredo sauce for dinner the majority of the time since I've been back in school.
     But hey, it's the little things, good or bad, that make life so interesting and rich. I don't want to take any of it for granted. 


Anonymous said...

Love picture 1/3/5/8 - favourite is probably really the duck one though :)

gz x

Elanor said...

I just love the one of your room. I need to fix up my at-home bedroom so I don't feel so out of place when I go back. Also the duck one is beautiful!

xxoo Elanor

Leanna Kay said...

All of these are so lovely, I especially like number three and four :)

Dhebby Wheezh said...

Sweet pics! Definitely love the 3rd and your bedroom is adorable! Have a good weekend x

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