2013 Style Resolutions

     1. Experiment more with my tomboy side: It's been a long time since I refused to say the word "pink" and shopped only in the boys' department. However, that part of my style still has a place in my wardrobe and I'd love to mix in some more menswear elements.
     2. Buy less. Buy better: This is a philosophy that I try to practice regardless of resolutions, but after my holiday haul, I need to seriously rethink my shopping habits.
     3. Trust my intuition: The mantra that I've been repeating to myself lately is "If it seems too obvious a choice, you probably won't like it." That might seem odd, but with constant visual bombardment and inspiration from other bloggers, it is sometimes hard to tell what I genuinely like and what I respond to because of its popularity.
     4. Wear more red: It's one of the few bright colors that I actually enjoy buying and wearing.
     5. Save up fro something I've always wanted: Kate Spade handbag? Something from BHLDN? Anything is possible this year.
     6. Help someone else clean out their closet: To help someone out and to gain perspective on my own style/wardrobe.
     7. Invest in more classics and basics: When is this not a good idea?
     8. Compliment someone else's outfit every day: It makes me feel good. It makes them feel good. And hopefully I'll make some new friends.
     9. Shop off the beaten path: The coolest items have the coolest stories. I love going to estate sales and flea markets, so why not make it a point to do so more often?
     10. Make a mark: This year, I'm all about making my own legacy. I know I'm unique and I'm going to work harder than ever to make something happen with my talents.

Do tell, what are your 2013 resolutions (style or otherwise)?


Rory said...

Love the resolution to compliment someone everyday! I think I'll do that! :) My resolution this year was to maintain a 365 project--which is a photography project where you take a picture a day! I'm keeping it up on my blog if you're interested :)
Enter my Fifth and Orient giveaway and check back everyday this week for ANOTHER new giveaway!

Mici Mathonka said...

they are all amazing and I feel the same way in lot of these. I try to think thru my fashion goals for 2013 and as soon as I'll be sure about them they'll all pop-up on my blog..

Elanor said...

#2 and #8 I'm going to try to do as well!
Great list. Good luck and happy new year!

Autumn Jordan said...

all are lovely, especially two & seven. those are ideas i am trying to incorporate into my lifestyle as well. i want to work on shopping for brands that i believe in while stepping away from those who ideas i do not.

happy wishes!

autumn jordan

The Photogramps said...

I LOVE helping people clean out their closets...is that strange? Also, I feel ya' on the buy, buy better thing. Happy New Year!


Sarah said...

I love that you said "explore my tomboy side." I kinda want to try that too, and the buy better thing- that has been one of my resolutions for the longest time, haha! Happy new year, Ashlyn!


Chelsea Elizabeth said...

#'s 2 and 4 are big ones for me too!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

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