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Zig zag print dress, c/o Sugarlips. Navy blazer, leather belt, rounded sunglasses, and boots all thrifted. Camera bag purse, Fossil. 

    Some articles of clothing that I own naturally photograph better than others. Lately, these items have been covered in sequins. But this silky little number from Sugarlips turned out to be just as stunning when all was said and done. As if the fact that the dress has the softest fabric I've ever worn wasn't enough, it will now be my go to for any portraits- whether I'm taking them or modeling for them. 
      This dress also reminds me of subjects that I've been studying in my introductory design class this semester, like color theory and ambiguous designs. I've been toying around with graphic design since back in my Neopets days (confession: that's where I learned how to use HTML code). But it feels great to be in a class completely devoted to the field. My new blog layout was actually based off of an assignment that we did in class. It thrills me to no end to see the things that I'm learning in class applied outside of an academic environment. 
     Other than being essentially buried in schoolwork (and loving every minute of it- I chose the right major), I do allow for the occasional stroll around town. I wore this dress out with Patrick and one of my good friends, Chris. He was nice enough to take some "coupley" pictures of Patrick and I. Since one of us is usually modeling for the other, we have surprisingly few of these (unless it's just our feet!). Scroll on for some (possibly disgustingly) cute shots!


Kitsune-kun said...

such a fun print! lvoe the colours, and the neckline is so unique!

Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

First of all I love that dress and the print is gorgeous and does photograph nicely. Secondly, those photos of you and your man are so cute!
Almost Endearing

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