Walkin' for You

     One pattern that I've noticed (and you might have, too) is that any time Patrick and I get together for taking pictures, we tend to snap a few of our feet together. It's an awesome way to document our relationship without a ton of set up or stress. We don't need to lug a tripod anywhere to get a picture of both of us or depend on the kindness of strangers to snap a shot for us. Instead, we have a series of memories captured by simply the shoes and location of each photograph. Funnily enough, I happen to be wearing a different pair of shoes in each picture while Patrick switches between two pair.
     I definitely hope that this serves as inspiration for a way to document fun events with a couple or just a group of friends. It will make such a good series of images to display somewhere once I have them printed out!


Kitsune-kun said...

cute! Ryan and I also have a lot of shots like this, but I've never thought to compile them! cute idea:)

irene wibowo said...

nice photos :)

Irene Wibowo

Madhu Singh said...

I JUST found your blog and I'm floored. I cannot believe we are the same age because you just seem much more mature (as you said in your description) I also love to make lists & takes photos! You would be such a cool friend.

Chelsea Elizabeth said...

Aw! Me and my guy do this all of the time too! Such sweet memories. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Well... said...

Well that's funny...my boyfriend's name is Patrick as well! Lol, love the cute little shoe shots you've taken together :)

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