A Parallel Universe

Nebula inspired tee shirt, Urban Outfitters. Black circle skirt, Vince Camuto. Camel cardigan, a gift from my mother. Sparkly tights, aerie. Black loafers, Target. Black leather purse, Dooney & Bourke. Leather watch, Timex (similar). Black woven belt, thrifted. 

     Occasionally, I will stumble across a particular location that transports me away from my typical surroundings. While the entire lake shore area here is certainly beautiful, this lovely field is situated at the rear of a restaurant's parking lot. I love stumbling across places where time feels suspended and literally every picture that I take seems to be exactly what I envisioned. Photography is so dependent upon the locations that we have available to us, so when I find a good one I tend to hold onto it.
      Capturing pictures and creating outfits have that in common for me- both activities have the power to transform who I feel like entirely. I can step outside the realm of who I usually see myself as and, even if its for a brief moment, be whoever I feel like. That's the magic in both of those art forms; however, at the end of the day, I'm as much "me" in my oversized button up that I sleep in as I am in any fancy ensemble. But I still like to play dress up. 


Rachel Sullivan said...

Really beautiful pictures, and really nicely put.


Vera said...

Wonderful photos!

FiveDimesForNineLives said...

That shirt <3

SomeoneLikeYou said...

You are a beauty of epic proportions.

Cameron Adams said...

Stunning outfit and location.

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