The Perfect Pair

Camel cardigan, gift from my mother. Red jeans, vintage Ralph Lauren. Denim shirt, Jessica Simpson denim. Shoes, Bear Traps (thrifted). Great Gatsby tote, Out of Print clothing. Necklace, American Eagle. Headband, J. Crew.

     About six months ago, something happened. I found the perfect pair of shoes. I had just recently seen the Lauren Moffatt Fall 2012 presentation and I wanted instantly to replicate the school girl chic look. While I had the shoes from the presentation filed away in the back of my mind, these Bear Traps shoes jumped out at me at a thrift store. I have worn through the soles I have worn them so much.
     About three months ago, something happened. I happened across the perfect pair of eyes. I stood in the doorframe of a room that I was intruding on that belonged to one of the few students on campus that I didn't know anything about. We had met before, but only briefly. But this time, when I looked straight into Patrick's eyes, something had changed. 
     About three weeks ago, I found Patrick the perfect pair of men's shoes. There's a local thrift store where all shoes and apparel are only a dollar, and I spotted a beautiful pair of brogues among the other worn out loafers. I didn't know if they would fit him or not, but as soon as he came over and tried them on, we knew they were perfect. Now they are his favorite pair of shoes (pictured below).
     About a minute ago, I was looking through these pictures and realized again how lucky I am. Our outfits compliment each other just as well as our personalities. It hasn't been long, but I'm so excited for all the adventures in our relationship. Here's to many more. 
Striped shirt and brown straight leg pants, H&M. Plaid tie, blue blazer, and (the perfect) brown dress shoes, all thrifted. 


Anonymous said...

i love your shoes :)
Irene Wibowo

Ashley said...

Love the colors of both of your outfits :) Adorable!


Rory said...

He's so cute! And so are you! I love your pants and your shoes are pretty sweet, too :)

Amy said...

The Great Gatsby is such an awesome book...


eelsay said...

Oh I just did a post with red pants and i love them they are fun to work with!

I'd love to keep in touch, if you have time come visit my blog. Maybe we can follow each other?


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