Instant Gratification

Patrick and I wearing matching shirts and nice shoes.
I bought a sequined dress because I'm nineteen and my years of being able to get away with that are numbered.
This is basically my backyard. I am constantly blown away by the place that I live.
The sky on the night before my conference championship cross country race.
This is where I ran for that meet, completely breathtaking. 
There's not much better than warming up next to old radiators in the classrooms of my favorite building on campus.
Record shopping was just one of the fun things I did this weekend!

     It's when I look back on my photographs from recent weeks that I realize how good that I have it. As an ambitious person, I often think that I could always be improving my current state. I'm not saying I'm complacent, but I would rather have the attitude of gratefulness that I've adopted this year than always trying to search for something better. I know I work hard, but the idyllic representation of my life through photographs reminds me that I'm so, so blessed. In every regard.

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Autumn Jordan said...

being happy with where you are at is the best thing we can do for ourselves (especially as often overwhelmed college girl. it's adorable that you at P wore matching shirts-- sometimes J and I end up with matching clothes-- but it's typically on accident and via American Apparel.

have a lovely week!

autumn jordan

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