-This year has been the best school year of my life in almost every conceivable way. Then again, I think that every year.
     -I prefer to think that I've been pretty much the same person all of my life. But reflecting on a lot of things that happened my freshman year of college showed me how far I've come. And I couldn't be happier.
     -I will never stop writing and speaking formally. I think sometimes it throws people off that I actually speak using all the "big words" that I do when I write.
     -Running takes up way more of my time than I let on. While I definitely advise it as a form of exercise for anyone to get into, it sure wreaks havoc on being dressed up all day/taking pictures.
     -I owe a lot of my blog's recent improvements to Patrick. I know that I'm an independent woman and all that, but I gotta give thanks where thanks are due.
     -Sometimes, spending an afternoon with your roommate in the mountains instead of your studio class is exactly what needs to happen.  
     -Scary movies have no charm for me. Suspense thrillers? Sure. But Paranormal Activity just doesn't thrill me.
     -I used to think that summer was my favorite season for outfits- just throwing on a dress and heading out the door. But I absolutely adore the dip in temperatures that we've been experiencing lately and am not as excited about the seventy degree forecast for Saturday as I could be.
     -Getting new clothes is one of my favorite activities until I realize that I already have more in my wardrobe than I know what to do with.
     -I will always love helping people. Whether its paying for a meal or talking to them about their love life for hours on end, whatever I can do to be a positive light is what I'm going to do.

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Zuley Blue said...

Wow, agreed on so many things here.

Changing as a person definitely does happen whether we like it or not.

I also get the 'what was that?' look when I speak as I would normally like to. So I don't speak like my peers and instead have picked up a lot from 19th century novels and classics... So what. Its awesome. And now I've decided I will also stop trying to accomodate lol

I wish I had time to run as I used to, but yes it takes time....

Annnd having much in my closet. Oh guilty. Very.

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