White bow blouse, Frock Stock. Black bra underneath, Nollie. Black silk circle skirt, thrifted F21. Brocade jacket and leather wallet clutch, vintage from my Aunt Dawn. Green bracelets, J. Crew.

     I'm amazed that one of the great vintage pieces that my aunt has given me (she is responsible for a large part of my vintage collection!) is so relevant to this fall's trends. I've always loved this jacket, but never felt quite current wearing it. While I know trends should only consist of a small portion of my personal style, I'm definitely thrilled with the spike in ornamental designs for autumn. Trust me, this isn't the only thing I've been too scared to wear in my closet at the moment. 
     Not only are vintage clothes fun because of the story of the past wearers and as a primary resource for the trends of the past, but I love inheriting any form of clothing from family members. I always think of my mother when I carry her old leather backpack, which we call my "adventure bag". The bag has literally been all over the world with her, and now I get the chance to have my own experiences with it. Anything that a family member gives me has sentimental value in its own way, whether its a vintage wallet from France or a pair of socks. The generations represented in my wardrobe are what makes it so near and dear to my heart. While finding exactly what I want for a bargain at a retail store always gives me a certain sense of satisfaction, nothing can compare to being given the perfect gift.


Ani said...

Always love how classic and put together your outfits are. Great blazer!

mochaccinoland said...

love that vintage jacket! it's exquisite; a keeper that will withstand time <3 u look lovely & i really love u with bangs. u look very good in bangs :)


p/s: i think i have very limited vocab, i used "love" 2x, "look" 2x & "bangs" 2x in such a short message. hahaha!

Rachel said...

You have such a cute blog!

I love the meaning and emotion that gets attached to various items of clothing. Unfortunately most of my family doesn't save things so I don't have many vintage pieces from them. But I remember the vacations I was on when I bought a dress or jacket, or the person I was with every time I wear the item. It's really cool.

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