Check, Please!

Gingham shirt, JC Penney. Red wool flannel City Mini, J. Crew. Suede McAlister boots, CrewCuts.
Red patent belt, F21. Red bow, Goody. 

     Being obsessed with a certain color palette would seem counterproductive when it comes to exploring wardrobe possibilities. However, I've found that incorporating my favorite colors into outfits time and time again is expanding the possibilities for not only my outfit choices but my other aesthetic outlets as well. I hope you will have noticed the slight tweak in my blog layout and profile picture. If you haven't or are a first time visitor, I had a pink and purple color scheme before my current look. Given the fact that I wear red and cobalt in almost every one of my favorite outfits lately, I decided to make this my blog's color scheme as well. It feels so much more me than the girly, pastel colors I had previously. 
     I find the color scheme change an appropriate time to discuss my shifting style. One of my favorite aspects of fashion is that it serves as a visual time line for the phases we go through in life. I remember things by remembering the outfit I was wearing. Fortunately, a simple outfit picture can conjure up memories of the day I was having. However fun this is, I also think it's important to realize when it's time for a change. I've been going through the process of getting rid of several items from my wardrobe in the recent months and I have to say, it is so refreshing. I hope you'll enjoy watching the transformation unfold :). 

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