The Old City

Sailor dress, won in a giveaway from Miss Pouty. Blue cardigan and round sunglasses, Target. Cargo backpack, Nollie (very old). Tan ankle boots, thrifted. 

     Although I don't actually live in downtown Knoxville, it is one of my favorite places to explore and take pictures. I know we aren't exactly a fashion capitol. But my style wouldn't be what it is if I had grown up anywhere else. What other place in the world is this much orange acceptable on any given Saturday? Viewing my usual haunts through someone else's eyes (read: taking a "photo walk" or just having photo sessions as dates is so creatively fulfilling) has given me such an appreciation for where I live. 
     I'm definitely making it a point this year to go on adventures more often. To me, even just going on a drive over to my favorite coffee place downtown (Old City Java, holla!) and doing homework for hours is an adventure. Or at least a memory.
      And now I'll leave you with me walking away and some very nice graffiti. 


Mici Mathonka said...

wow, if I have that amazing red wall in my town I would take every.single.outfit.shoot in front of it, so bold red, I love it and also your dress :)

Amelia said...

love the dress & the booties!

daria said...

love look and place! I love the contrast with the red brick wall and that coke bottle is huge :)

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