After School Special

Neon pink skinnies, Target. Sheer polka dot button down, Mine via TJ Maxx. Oversized striped sweater, Design History via Marshall's. Studded flats, Go Fish. Sunglasses, Ray Ban. 

     A lazy breeze tickles your cheek as you try your hardest to focus on what the professor is saying. Although the ease of summer has long passed, the hint of crisp, fall air that sneaks in through the open window in your class room is an even bigger tease. You can't wait until you can kick up leaves on the way to your classes, grinning recklessly at anyone who passes by. Your heart pitter patters at the thought of layering up for an evening football game and drinking hot chocolate afterwards at your favorite coffee house. If only the hands on the analog clock above your professor's head would tick just a little bit faster, you could get to your after school activities.
     If you are a lover of fall like I am, this sounds like a daily occurrence. What better way to exemplify the dropping temperatures and "back to school" mentality than by playing around in a school bus resting place? All of these busses are perhaps mechanically challenged if the man who left the garage near by and asked me if I liked taking pictures of school buses is any indication (I replied with a wholehearted "Oh, yes!"). Although my main squeeze (heh heh- introductions to come?) offered to drive me to a more quintessentially picturesque location, I thought that my florescent pants would look perfect against the overly saturated background of rows of unused school buses. 
     In case you couldn't tell, autumn is my favorite season.


Kristalaine said...

Love this photo shoot!! So creative!

-- Krista

Design HIstory said...

We love your style! Thanks from Design History!

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