White Lady

Vintage dress. Lucky Brand leather boots. 

     Her name was Margaret. As a child there were no indications that her life was doomed for eternal tragedy, but as the summer of her life was just beginning, a harsh and bitter winter wind took over. The marriage seemed perfect at the time- to a man she loved instead of a more or less arranged marriage as so many of her peers had to suffer through. The first few months of marriage went off without a hitch. As the railroad tracks of her life got used to the soft and steady rhythm that a promising train of marriage provided, she never imagined that it could come to such a careening halt.
     The feud was short and her husbands' death was painless. But overcome with such anguish that she couldn't speak, the despair quickly took over any livelihood she once had. Lamenting the children she never got to have and the anniversaries that were never celebrated, she could never recover from the tragedy. Her screaming was dauntless and frightened many of the neighbors- even those miles away. Although her parents checked on her frequently, they could do nothing to stop her disappearance into the cool, clear night. 
     People in rural areas still say that they can see the White Lady skirting along the fences of the property she shared with her husband long ago. Her shrieks are terrible, but she would never inflict tragedy on your life in attempt to diminish the tragedy of her own. In fact, some even say seeing her is good luck because of her tendency to repair brokenness in your life. Whether or not you believe in spirits is up to you, but the tale of the White Lady is all too real to her fragmented soul. 


SomeoneLikeYou said...

:O Totally and utterly speechless.

This is incredible!

Anonymous said...

Your blog/outfits are amazing!

Visit our blog, we would appreciate it!

Gracie Behrens said...
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Gracie Behrens said...

That is just beautiful. The pictures are very well staged and reminded me of movie scenes. The makeup also goes well with the scene. Plus, the writing is just so beautiful and poetic. That's just so sad, a lady who died in her wedding dress (according to the original story you linked).

-Gracie @ Gracie's Notebook
*edit: forgot to check grammar

Charmaine said...

Love it, so haunting.

Zuley Blue said...

Quite haunting, the story and photos.

Sasha Fitzgerald said...

Wow... So beautiful, dark, and enchanting. :)

- Sasha

Daydreamer said...

Your photos are so good!
I've nominated you for the Leibster Award, take a look!

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