Berries and Boots

Denim shirt, Jessica Simpson denim. Wool plaid skirt (yes, I know it is summer), thrifted. Red patent belt and silver spike bracelet, F21. Green bracelets and oiled suede Mcalister boots, J. Crew. 

     I have recently stumbled across two material possessions that make my heart beat faster than any boy usually does: my desert boots from J. Crew and this perfect shade of berry lipstick. I'm not exactly sure what kind of message the combination of the two sends, but dainty and cute are adjectives that a petite framed lady can get sick of. Something about darks lips and a pale face tends to really give people the willies, but I think it is the perfect look for fall. 
     Anyways, I am writing this post from my apartment on campus for this school year. It is so quaint and adorable- red brick with white bordered windows and little balconies. It is quite an upgrade from my freshman year dorm and my roommate and I have already done a lot of entertaining. Other than just generally getting settled in, I've been busy with the real reason that I moved in early: cross country! I don't talk about my running too much on the blog but yes, I am a collegiate athlete (albeit an average one). 
      Sometimes, it is easy to get sucked back into the idea that blogging doesn't matter as much as the other extra curricular endeavors that I undertake. As much of an endorphin rush that I get after finishing a tough run, I have yet to find the same amount of peace that I get from wandering about in our college woods, snapping pictures. Luckily for me, I'm back on my "home turf" and I will be revisiting a lot of my familiar outfit locations in the coming weeks. Outfit posts will slow down a bit during cross country season, but I've got plenty of other ways to keep you entertained ;).


Mandy said...

Beautiful pictures. I love this outfit. Whatever that lipstick is, it looks amazing on you!

Zuley Blue said...

I love the fall look. The skirt and denim is awesome. I love that belt too. I think I'm stopping by my F21 soon!

I used to be a cross country runner too! (Pulled Achilles tendon stopped me from doing it in college) And I always loved running and still can't find an experience quite like it. I guess that's your snapping photos. I really am trying to get back to it.

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