Savannah Shopping Guide: Part Two!

     In the first part of my shopping guide, I started you out with a look at two of my favorite places to go for trinkets and clothing. Today, however, I will focus on stores where you can pick up things to do or make as opposed to things that you can wear.

3. Primary Art Supply, 14 E. Broughton Street

     Approximate time to allot: Depends on how much of an art supply freak you are!
     There is nothing that makes my knees go weak quite like rows and rows of art supplies. I'm partial to anything Prismacolor. I find Moleskeins marvelous. I saver sketchbooks. You get the idea. That's why Primary is always on my "must visit" list for my stops in Savannah. As many of the signs about the store say "Founded by students. Run by students." It's an art school kid's dream, but even just a regular tourist will find something in Primary that will pique their interest, whether it is a card to give to someone back home or a quirky, funny trinket, these types of things abound at Primary as well. 

4. The Book Lady Bookstore, 6 E. Liberty Street

     Approximate time to allot: One hour for browsing, another hour for reading/coffee.
     The Book Lady Bookstore is the kind of place that I would live in during finals week if I went to school in Savannah. Perhaps it was the idea of the "reading garden" that is through the back door of hte building or another one of its many positive attributes, but this is probably the store from my guide that made my heart beat the loudest. Just cozy enough to not feel sterile and interesting enough to provide a break during studying, I had quite a grand time envisioning myself being a frequent customer of this ideal shop.
    I haven't done a count, but I'd say I have more books than clothes and I prefer to keep the tally in their favor. The Book Lady Bookstore is not for those who prefer easy access or for those in a hurry. It is not your run of the mill chain bookstore that provides ease and discounts above all else. It is for those romantic souls who love to get lost in the art of the hunt. You might not know what you are hunting for, but the right book will find you. 
     I do feel a certain attachment to the cluttered, picturesque store (as you can tell by the copious amounts of "book porn" in my photographs), but perhaps it is because I felt a certain sense of "home" when I walked in. My mother, who was with me, stated "Wow, this looks just like our house!" In a family full of readers, the volumes are quick to pile up on every available surface. Just like the Book Lady Bookstore, though, I have a feeling that I will always find what I need. 

     I really hope you've enjoyed reading about places that are not only some of my favorite places in Savannah, but probably my favorite places in the world. I would highly recommend a trip to that wonderful city any day, but these businesses are truly a big part of why I adore it so much. 


Jessica Tuong said...

Beautiful photos - they look ever so cool and vintage:)

Maybe we could follow each other? let me know via my blog <3 <3

Much love,
Jess xo


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