Sixties Swagger

(Pale for life)
Draped, slit sleeve cardigan, Anthropologie. Lace bralette top (underneath), Francesca's. Paisley shorts, delia's. Envelope necklace, Target (old!). Beige ankle boots, Target. Vintage purse. 

     I don't know whether it it my new haircut or those ankle boots from Target, but something just gave me a boost of confidence when I was wearing this outfit. Although my fashion sense tends to be more modest than not, the pattern on these paisley shorts was just too good to pass up. My stepdad even liked them and commented on how they looked very 60s/70s and asked if I was going into a more "hippie" direction with my style. To that, I can only say another day another decade. 


Zuley Blue said...

I can only say that its awesome. And on your stepdad's comment I think it's too boring to say in one era alone. ^_^ Love the shorts!

Elanor said...

"another day, another decade" - how perfect! i love people who can be so free with their style. i want to be more like that than i already am too. :) these photos are great! i love this outfit, especially the drapey sweater!

Lima Fashion Blog by Giuliana Risso said...

love it!


Rory said...

Those shorts are WAY cool. They look almost velvety in these pictures! :)
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