Scene and Believed

Taken at a different location, but I wanted to show the details of the dress!
Bernie Dexter Dress, Modcloth. Target purse. Thrifted ballet flats.

     This Bernie Dexter dress (made in the USA!) is the perfect camouflage for a pretty scene like this. If I had wandered a little bit further on the tracks, you might have been playing a game of "I Spy.." to try and see me! However, the dress itself is something that is the perfect introduction into a topic that I'm going to be shifting over to in coming posts: ethical purchases/ethical fashion.
     While this dress did cost a little bit more than I'm used to spending, I allowed myself the purchase because of three of my principles when it comes to buying clothes in a moral fashion:
      1) The dress is,by my own definition, an heirloom piece. I think one of the most important things to consider when making a purchase of any sort is how likely you are to keep it in your wardrobe for years to come. This is the type of piece I'd love to be able to give to my daughter or grand daughter some day.
      2) It was purchased from an independent retailer with a business model that I really appreciate. Not only is Bernie Dexter a made-in-the-USA designer, but ModCloth itself is a retailer that I truly admire for their practices and the story behind the store. I try to support businesses that I could see myself working for one day.
      3) Instead of spending the money on more things I didn't need, I chose something I really love. This doesn't necessarily sound like an ethical principle, but sometimes I think we can all be guilty of shopping just to have more. Whether it's something that is more popular, more noticeable, or just trying to get more clothing, I have definitely fallen into the trap of fast fashion materialism. That's part of the reason why I want to start really trying to have a more moral driven focus to the blog. After all, we all know that fashion isn't mindless consumerism, so why not show the world this fact?


Hattitude said...

Hattitude Style Blog
ashlyn i loooove this dress! what a beaut! great 3 rules too!

talk soon wild child
Hattitude Style Blog

Zuley Blue said...

Oh goodness what a dress... and yes I do believe we've all fallen to the fast buys... of a lot of things we tend not to wear. Thus MY new year's resolution (which admittedly I broke because of a wonderful pair of pants) was not to buy myself any clothing -unless needed i.e. all my underwear has been torn apart by the dog- except for my Birthday and Christmas. So far so good with the one exception. And this has made me much more keen to what I really like and look for in clothes. Hear me blabbering away. Love your dress and support your reasons!!!

AdrianCompanyVintage said...

What a beautiful dress!I love the print!

daria said...

the dress is perfect, congrats on this purchase :)

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