Girls of my Dreams

Styled by: Shirley Kurata
Photographed by: Autumn de Wilde

     It is rare that I find a television show that holds onto me for more reasons than just the aesthetic. While my all time favorite show ("How I Met Your Mother", in case you were wondering) is just a sitcom that doesn't pretend to be all about the clothes, I was interested in "Gossip Girl" almost entirely for fashion reasons. The plots and downfalls of the characters on "Gossip Girl" didn't make my stomach drop with quite the fervor that the situations on "Girls" have. 
     On the surface, "Girls" may seem like another creation born of privilege (considering the four stars are all daughters of famous men), but it has struck a chord with more than just "rich" white females.  Watching it with my boyfriend every week makes the show that much more important to me as it opens up discussions about everything from post-graduation job horrors to feminism. 
     I really can't express what exactly it is that makes "Girls" so important to me. However, the article in New York Magazine does a pretty good job lauding Lena Dunham's creation. In the article, Emily Nussbaum describes the show as "a show about life lived as a rough draft—something well intentioned, possibly promising, but definitely begging for cruel critiques." I can definitely see that sentiment throughout the episodes I've watched so far and I look forward to it continuing Sunday nights on HBO.
      The comments section of the article brings up a lot of general distaste for the show and the concept of the show. There are quite a lot of thoughtful points on the side against the show (and other shows like it for that matter), but I'll let you decide for yourself.


Louisa said...

im a big fan of gossip girl and how i met your mother too, but i havent heard of girls, will have to check that one out! :)


daria said...

I love girls. And I hope it's gonna last, and never become boring like GG did :)

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