The Starry Eyed Drifter

Star print crop top, Delia's. Golden pleated skirt, Gap. Camera necklace, Fossil (link to a keychain with the same pendant). Leather flats, Land's End.

     I find myself quite enjoying the process of traveling during my weekends, but sometimes it is nice to connect with my more permanent surroundings. I've made my dorm room feel quite at home, but my favorite thing about my campus (as I've probably reiterated several times) is the vast expanse of woods. Somehow, the outfit I decided to wear on my drive back to school this past Sunday felt just right for playing among the wildflowers. 
     I got this top last summer when the galaxy trend was just hitting the big time. I rather enjoy stars and the gorgeous textiles that go along with the trend, but I'd prefer to just limit myself to the subtle nod presented here than fully jumping on the bandwagon. I tend to embrace trends just as the are coming down from their peaks, but I find this a style quirk that is pretty easy to live with (it comes with a lot of clearance finds). 


Aliya said...

Oh my what a lovely, lovely skirt! I love how you've paired it with that striped tshirt!! Beautiful pictures!!

x Aliya

mochaccinoland said...

i love your skirt! the colour & the pleats ♥ that camera necklace is simply adorable!! i'm trying to grow these wild daisies on my balcony but it has been 6 months and still no flower :(


Celina said...

Gorgeous outfit!!! So whimsical :). Just stumbled across your blog and love it...keep up the great work!

Bonnie said...

Your skirt is so cute! It has a nice, undone feel to it.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Natalia L. said...

I love the comfy vibe this look gives, but so pretty at the same time!
And I've been wanting to buy a necklace like this for a while...

Girls that glitter love the dark

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