The Cautious Rule Breaker

Denim shirt, New York and Company. Striped shirt, UK Style by French Connection. Dark skinny jeans, Pac Sun. Black bag, H&M. Black boots, Kelsi Dagger. Necklaces, both American Eagle. 

      I took a break from my usual girly dresses and full skirts to embrace my tomboyish alter ego. I had been lounging in my blanket fort (how this came about is a story for a later post!) for the majority of the day and just suddenly felt the urge to dress up and go somewhere. Double denim is nothing new, but considering my love for denim/chambray shirts, I had to give it another go. I have done a post with this shirt before, but I appreciate the development in my style since then. 
     All in all, it felt really good to go against my usual style inclinations and just step into another personality for a bit. If you're on the fence (ba dum chhh) about trying double denim, or any trend, you have my full encouragement. It was just what I needed to get out of my self proclaimed style rut (of which there are no photographs of).

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daria said...

love the first pic, with the shadow of the fence on your back!

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