The Romantic Thrifter

Shoes, shorts, and belt, thrifted. Backpack, vintage from my mom. Ruffled blouse, French Connection. Envelope necklace, Target. Camel cardigan, gift from my mother (from Dillard's). Sunglasses, Betsey Johnson. 

     Although I was feeling pretty miserable while I was taking these pictures, they ended up being one of my favorite sets. Both apparel wise and photography wise, I felt very in my element yesterday. I think I am beginning to prefer shorts over skirts which in my book is quite something. To boot, there are very few new elements in this outfit: something that I am slowly trying to work for!
     Luckily, despite feeling sick, there were a few bright spots in my day. My friend went to the store and picked me up some Gatorade and cough drops for no compensation, restoring my faith in how kind people really can be. I hosted a Stella & Dot trunk show for my dorm and bought myself some lovely earrings. And I've been working on another friendship bracelet, a DIY which I find very therapeutic. 
     Also, despite this being somewhat a "GPOY", I wanted to share this photograph duo as they were just meant for each other in my mind:
Perhaps it is the use of negative space in these images that make them a good pair?

     Hope everyone is getting ready for a lovely weekend! I will be on a spring break trip from Sunday, March 18th until Friday, March 23rd (Happy Hunger Games!). However, I am going to schedule a few inspiration posts until I can do daily outfits again. Take care!


daria said...

have I mentioned how much I love those shorts? and the pics and the look? <3

Ronida said...

I want the bag! <3

Madeline Quaint said...

These pictures ar so lovely... You're such a talented photographer.
The outfit is great too, the colours and the top, the necklace...
The last pictures are really inspiring...

Natalia L. said...

What a lovely blouse, it looks great with those short!
I hope you get better for your holidays, and have a great time!!

Girls that glitter love the dark

Aliya said...

You certainly are an amazing thrifter! Your blouse is beautiful and I love how you've styled it! Absolutely stunning pictures!!

x Aliya

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