The Nostalgic Milkmaid

Vintage belt, earrings, milk bottles, and camera. Vintage Margaret Smith purse. Thrifted heeled booties. Modcloth dress. Target tights. American Eagle jacket. Pictures taken by Reid!

     Do you ever have those possessions that just feel like they have a soul? Maybe that's saying a bit much, but these earrings that my grandmother gave me were whispering nice things into my ears all day, making me feel like a million bucks (and yes, despite only one being seen throughout the pictures, I was wearing two!). The three dollar old milk bottles and carrying bin that I found at a rummage sale one of my school groups was hosting seemed to be saying "Take us home!" I love the spirit of the items that I have from the past. I felt like this outfit even encapsulated the feeling perfectly as it made me feel like a quaint farm girl from a bygone era. 
      Who knows? That's probably who carried the milk bottles at one point. 
      And just in case the tone of this post was too serious, here's Reid taking a break from being behind the camera and modeling a "one minute sculpture" for me (inspired by Erwin Wurm). 


Leila said...

Those earrings are beautiful! I love the last picture, haha. :P

Hannah said...

I'm in love with your bag! And I've really been enjoying reading your blog, you have such lovely photos on here.

Natalia L. said...

I know what you mean, everytime I wear something vintage (especially if belonged to someone I knew) I feel their presence, and they talk to me. Then I try to think about the time they wore it, imagine how they felt.

And I want to say that I'm in love with your bag! <3

Girls that glitter love the dark

LadyLuxe Designs said...

Hi Ashlyn! I love your blog and this outfit especially! I really like the way you've paired that adorable dress with the jacket. It looks amazing. Great styling!

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